Health comes first.

So we have decided to help you & created the necessary notices needed for Covid-19 awareness. Knowledge is power, so lets share it! We need to make sure that everyone is on board & knows how to avoid spreading this disease. Educating others on Social distancing, Sanitation & the Coronavirus Symptoms etc.

Contact us for more info and we can personalize your health & safety signage to your satisfaction.

Heading into level 4 of our lockdown

I’m sure there is a slight sigh of relief for some small businesses as we head into Level 4 of the nation wide lockdown. While others may still be struggling with the heavy effects of the past months business closures. Some emotional, mental &/ physical adjustments we have all had to endure. My only wish is that we will overcome & become stronger as one.

Design Symmetry is currently open for any design work & limited print work, provided its for anything related to Covid-19.

Website Updated … and there you have it

After many, many years of dedication to my clients I’ve finally had the chance to update my work. During this lock down I have had time to reflect, spend quality time with family & plan ahead. Sadly many people don’t have these types of opportunities during this pandemic, so I’m feeling really grateful for this time. Stay safe all & flatten the curve.